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Let’s Learn to Use the Pretty Tight Kitty’s Vaginal Rejuvenation and Tightening Device

Let’s Learn to Use the Pretty Tight Kitty’s Vaginal Rejuvenation and Tightening Device

Let’s Learn to Use the Pretty Tight Kitty’s Vaginal Rejuvenation and Tightening Device

Let’s Learn to Use the Pretty Tight Kitty’s Vaginal Rejuvenation and Tightening Device

It seems like you are ready to begin your transformative healing journey with our powerful therapeutic wand. Right? Let us guide you through every step you need to take for using our innovative vaginal rejuvenation and tightening device—right from the comfort of your home. 

Leave all your concerns and hassles behind. It’s easier than you think. Just follow our guidelines and let the magic begin. 

First Step: Understand All Features

Understand All Features of Vaginal Rejuvenation Device

The very first thing you need to do is to take a moment and understand all the features of our therapeutic wand. Everything from heat settings, vibration options, and spinning instructions should be clear. All this is necessary to customize your experience based on your preferences and comfort level.

Don’t forget to check the battery status of our vaginal tightening device to ensure it is fully charged. You’ll prefer uninterrupted usage during the treatment session, right?

Second Step: Be Prepared for Use

Now make sure that you have gathered all the required items at hand, including the Pretty Tight Kitty Therapeutic Wand, personal lubricant, and cleaning supplies. Even, make sure that you have a tissue box right there. You’ll surely don’t want to move here and there in between the session if anything’s missing. 

If everything is ready, then you can proceed to apply the lubricant. Take a small amount of a personal lubricant like coconut oil to both the external and internal surfaces of the wand. This will ensure smooth insertion and movement of the device. All while minimizing discomfort during the treatment.

Once you are prepared, activate the device at the base and select the desired heat setting either for internal or external use. Set it to the lowest, allowing the device to gradually warm up to the therapeutic temperature during use. 

Third Step: Use it Gently 

For internal use, insert our wand into your vaginal opening, all while ensuring comfort and relaxation throughout the process. Make sure to take your time to ensure a proper positioning of our wand. Don’t rush it.

Once our therapeutic wand is inside, let it remain in place for 7-10 minutes on average. Our wand’s rotating shaft will evenly distribute therapeutic heat throughout your vaginal tract. Just to promote collagen fibril contraction and tissue tightening.

After completing internal treatment, you can switch the device to external mode. Make sure to adjust the heat setting to low or medium as required. This will prepare our device for an effective external vaginal rejuvenation treatment.

If required, apply additional lubricant and then glode our wand to the outer labia, inner labia, and clitoral hood. Keep moving our therapeutic wand gently across these areas for 3-5 minutes.

Fourth Step: Post-Use Care

So, your first session is complete? Now turn off our therapeutic wand and prepare it for cleaning. This is necessary for ensuring its safety and conserves battery life.

We recommend using warm, soapy water and disinfect wips to clean our therapeutic wand. Rest assured that proper, regular cleaning will keep it hygenic and safe for future use.

Once it is cleaned, you may place the wand back inside the storage. If required, recharge it for next use right there. This will ensure that ur device is ready for use whenever, wherever needed.

Fifth Step: Safety Precautions

Remmeber that if you don’t want discomfort or tissue damage, then you must avoid prolonged stationary use of our device. It must be used as directed for optimal results and safety.

Although there will be no burns or tears, we recommend you to seek medical advice if you experience in issues while using our vaginal tightening device.

Final Step: Follow Treatment Schedule 

We recommend you to start with sessions twice a week for 4 week. It will help you establish a strong foundation for results. You can then transition to once-a-week sessions for the subsequent 4 weeks to maintain progress.

You may consider repeating a series of treatments once a week for 4 weeks every 6 months to a year. It’s suitable for long-term maintenance.

It’s important to listen your body and adjust the frequency as needed to suit your comfort and lifestyle.

Final Words

Now, we’d like to wrap our guide on a note that “you must adhere to the recommended treatment schedule for optimal results and safety”. That’s because consistency is key to achieving desired outcomes with our vaginal rejuvenation and tightning device.

Parameters and Directions

Our treatment parameters are to use the device twice a week for 4 weeks, then once a week for a month.  From there on you should use the device as needed or desired or at least once every 6 months, but there is no reason you can not use it as desired for pleasure also.  You may even have sexual intercourse if you desire with yourself or a partner if there is no spotting or cramping, otherwise, abstain from sex for 24 hours.

1. Prep, Positioning and Gel Application

Start by thoroughly cleansing your vaginal area with a mild, non-perfumed soap and warm water. pat the area dry with a clean, soft towel.  Make sure to shave the external area first before use.  Ensure that you are in a quiet, private space where you can concentrate and follow the instructions without interruptions.  Get comfortable and in a relaxed position, lying with your legs slightly apart. Our device requires the application of a water-based gel or lubricant to ensure smooth contact with your skin. Apply gel or lubricant to the shaft of the device. Never allow the device to sit idle internally or externally for any length of time.

2. Using Your Vaginal Rejuvenation Device Step by Step

A:  Internal Treatment

Insert the device shaft into the vaginal vault with lubricant or gel.  Prop it in place with a towel or small pillow against the base of the device.

B: Turn on the device

Turn on the device at the base, turn on/off switch.  Then use the remote control to operate the many different functions. Choose from the heat settings, low, medium, or high.  Start in the low setting and advance as tolerated.  All settings are in a therapeutic range.

C:  Once you have chosen the appropriate settings for internal use and started the rotation the treatment time will be 7-10 minutes.  The device will rotate/spin in the internal setting only, which is a safety feature to keep the wand in motion dispersing the heat evenly in the vaginal tract tissue and keeps it from causing overheating.  If you choose to use vibration internally, choose low, medium, or high, as it may distract from the heat sensation or used for pleasure.  The treatment will increase blood flow, tighten, and rejuvenate the internal tissue and increase vaginal fluids for dryness issues.

D:  Once the internal treatment is done, turn off the rotation and remove the device holding the device by the base. Keep the heat on and adjust to low or medium for the external treatment.

External Treatment

A: Be sure to hold the device at the base when using externally, being careful not to hold onto the shaft with the heat on.  Reapply lubricant/gel to the shaft of the device again, then turn on vibration to low, medium, or high if desired. Take the shaft and place it on the skin of the outer and inner labia with the energy exit ports on the side or tip of the device and move it up and down from the external introitus, up to the clitoral hood where the urethra is also (see diagram), make sure the heat gets to this area also, and then go back down for 3-5 minutes, then repeat on the other side.  This brings more blood flow to the external areas for rejuvenating the appearance, treating atrophy and laxity, and by treating the Urethra it tightens and shrinks the tissue to decrease urine leakage.  The increased blood flow to the clitoral hood increases sensations for quicker and more orgasms.

B:  Enjoy the vibration to complete your experience without the heat on if desired. We encourage you to make the treatment as fun and enjoyable as you can, as pleasure is normal when treating internal and external areas of the vagina, so have a blast!

C: Duration time externally is 3-5 minutes each side.  Turn off the device and remove by holding the base.

Post-Treatment Care

After the session, clean the device with warm sudsy washcloth, followed with a disinfectant wipe.  Then recharge the device so it is charged for the next use.  Store it in a safe place in the original box.